. fred broom .

. actor . singer . performer . md . arranger .

. fred broom is a busy jobbing actor singer musician .

. please feel free to browse around the website .


as well as performing and arranging, fred also creates costumes and clothing

see also his theatre design page

. for any requests, contact fred via the contacts page .


. bedfordshire youth opera's recent production of the pirates of penzance, which fred directed, designed and made a number of the costumes .

. cruella deville's coat and semi-skinned puppy costumes made by fred broom .

. suit and waistcoat (and bunting) made and modelled by fred broom .

. waistcoats made for the opening night of 'the elephant man' by fred broom .

. with special thanks to megan leigh mason .

. some very jazzy bowties and cummerbunds made by fred broom to match girls' leotards .

. (have you ever tried to sew lycra - if not, don't!) .

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